Our Approach


Be the most Innovative Polymer Supplier, sourcing Best in Class resins from around the world.  Continue to forge strong relationships with our suppliers and customers, to provide a polymer solution that gives a technical and commercial edge.  Delivering long-term and sustainable products and services.


We look to work with our customers from the earliest stages of a project through to completion. Understanding the requirements of the product allows us to work with them to help identify the most appropriate and cost effective solution. Sometimes this will involve us enlisting more specialist help from polymer producers. Once the project is finalised the ongoing job of getting the polymer to you begins.


There are no polymer producers in Ireland so everything has to be imported, in our case from all over the world. The logistics chain is crucial to success. In many cases we organise the logistics from beginning to end, including production planning with the suppliers, collecting the product from their plants, organising shipping, trucking and warehousing. In this way we keep as much control as possible over the whole supply chain. We agree, on a customer specific basis, the most appropriate logistics service, including direct deliveries, local warehousing, Kan-Ban etc. The key is flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.